October 17th, 2017

Up for Something New? Try a Baijiu Tasting Class in Beijing

Spend a little time learning the intricate qualities and refined flavors of baijiu, an alcoholic beverage made from Chinese grain. Your group can experience an exclusive baijiu bar located in the hutongs of Beijing that offers a baijiu ‘flight’ tasting class.

In this class, guests are given the chance to learn about the distinctions between different types of baijiu and their respective production processes. Your group can also taste baijiu by the glass and discover a distinctive hand-picked stock of baijiu, craft Chinese beers, lesser-known fine spirits from around the world, and specialty baijiu cocktails by an award-winning Beijing mixologist. Guests can also take home a bottle of baijiu as a souvenir.

More about baijiu: Baijiu is common across all of China. Each province / region has it’s own brand that is favored among locals. In Beijing the most famous one is called “Erguotou,” while the most famous (and expensive) brand in China is called Moutai and is produced in Guizhou province.